Top Management Commitment

Management of the S.E. “NCQTAB” is committed to maintaining, applying and continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system by:

  • maintaining a continuous dialogue with clients and partners in order to update the quality policy and objectives;
  • contribution to the sustainable development of the economic and social environment in which we carry out our activity, including by supporting our clients, paying attention to the risks involved;
  • ensuring compliance with the legal and normative acts in force;
  • providing the necessary resources for the implementation and proper functioning of the management system;
  • continuous improvement of the level of training and motivation of the employees regarding the quality of the services provided;
  • promoting quality principles at all stages of the management cycle: planning, organizing, managing, controlling and implementing improvement actions;
  • purchase of high performance equipment, reagents and high quality auxiliary materials;
  • implementation of methods for the quality and safety testing of wine products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in accordance with European and international practices.