One of the primary aims of the Testing laboratory within the State Enterprise “National Center for Quality Testing of Alcoholic Beverages” consists of the process automation and modernization of the applied test methods.

Most of the quality and safety characteristics of the tested products are determined by modern automated equipment and by highly qualified staff. The Laboratory permanently modernizes its equipment and the applied test methods.

The most important equipment:

  • gas chromatographs with the flame ionization detector
  • gas chromatographs coupled with mass spectrometers
  • liquid chromatographs with UV/Vis and fluorescence detectors
  • capillary electrophoresis systems
  • atomic absorption spectrophotometers with electrothermal atomizer
  • atomic absorption spectrophotometer with flame atomizer
  • gamma-beta scintillation spectrometer
  • alcohol analyzers with electronic densimeters
  • UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • mercury analyzer
  • spectrophotometric analyzer for the determination of wine characteristics.

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